• RUDI works with various local and international partners.

  • RUDI CEO in a planning session with staffs and other partners

  • Visiting Farming Communities in the Rural Areas

  • Aiding farmers with the better farming skills

  • Paying regular visits, supervisions and follow up

  • Health rice paddies

  • Study Tour

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Healthy paddies

  • Sample Farm

  • Better Farming, Better Yields

  • Lumuli Farmers Association

  • Class Session

  • Training Farmers

  • Video Training

  • Training and Discussions

  • Training and Discussions

  • Entertainment

  • Group Photo

  • Grain Storage

SRI Demo Plots, Mkasu-Kilombero

RUDI Website

RUDI has introduced the use of Information technology using a website. The information will be used to share experiences with other development partners and interested stakeholders. The website contains RUDI Activities, Current News, Various Reports and RUDI Implemented Projects, which will be used by different development stakeholders and partners.




Awards and Recognitions

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