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SRI Demo Plots, Mkasu-Kilombero

Building Rural Income Through Associations (BRITA) ) project (January 2007 Posted on February 20, 2009

The project Building Rural Enterprises Through Associations (BRITA) was a follow up project after the end of the project Private Enterprise Support Activities (PESA) which was funded by USAID and implemented by Development Alternative Inc (DAI) for five years (Oct 02 to Sept-07). DAI PESA managed to support the formation of 189 associations out of which 168 were producer and 12 were trader/processor associations with a total membership of 24,000 members (37% women).The farmer associations were at basic development stage and faced some challenges as the DAI PESA came to an end.

Aimed at addressing all the above in 2 years to make sure that the attained impact is sustained. In particular BRITA supported 10 apexes in six regions in year 1. In year 2 BRITA reduced its support to 3 regions in order to focus and create more impact to match the resources available. District level apexes supported as well as ward level associations with the aim of providing the necessary services to its members through training and market access.

BRITA project primary goal was to reduce poverty for the rural small holder farmers.

The project objectives were two fold. These are

  1. District level small holder farmers’ apex associations will be functional and financially sustainable
  2. Increased incomes for small scale farmers

RUDI is currently supporting 13,000 farmers in three regions of Tanzania as summarized in the table below to achieve the intended outputs.

In the last 2 years BRITA has produced 6 outputs which are:

  • Output 1: Business and technical skills for small scale producers, associations and Apexes increased
  • Output 2: The marketing and sale of high-quality products increased
  • Output 3: Linkage to Finance increased.
  • Output 4: Warehouse Receipt System promoted
  • Output 5: Lobbying and Advocacy skills increased.
  • Output 6: Apex bodies’ organization strengthened

Awards and Recognitions

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